Čtvrtá beta RNextu - nové verze Notes - je ke stažení!

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Čtvrtá beta RNextu je ke stažení na obvyklém místě na notes.net. Co přináší nového?

Čtvrtá beta RNextu - nové verze Notes - je ke stažení na obvyklém místě na Notes Net. Co je nového ? Cituji z originálního dokumentu:
  • Mail: "Unread marks" už i u folderů, attachment save and remove options.
  • Calendar: Improved view display, print calendar to a document, hide private entries when printing, view icons for pencil in, private, and draft entries.
  • Address book: Updated UI and new fields for personal contact form.
  • iNotes: iNotes Web Access is now available for testing in Rnext.
  • Editor: Keyboard access to tabbed tables.
  • Designer/App dev: Options to hide design elements from mobile devices, improved shared action UI supporting multilingual design elements, JavaConnect in LotusScript with the USE statement, Java agents on the Mac, LotusScript in JSP (all server platforms), performance/scalability improvements for CORBA, Admin Process support in backend classes.
  • XML: LotusScript classes for NotesDOMParser, Store/retrieve XML in NSF structures, C-API interface to XML importer and exporter.
  • Server/admin: View logging, Single Copy Template, Domino/WebSphere Single Sign-on in hosting environment, Platform stats and server health monitoring on AIX, integration of server health monitoring and historical charting, administrative improvements and features for Domino hosting, hosting services via IMAP, POP3, LDAP, SMTP, HTTP, SSL and IIOP, MIME support for converting outbound CD messages to HTML, improved Web agent performance, map names in remote LDAP directories to Notes names, predictive analysis and server load-balancing in Domino Administrator, policy deletion and policy synopsis, new UI for Delete User action.

K dispozici jsou downloady pro platformy:
Klient: Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000), Macintosh
Designer: Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000)
Server: Windows NT/2000, IBM AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris/Sparc

Autor: Zdeněk Michálek
Datum: 09.11.2001

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