Domino Web Access 7 Customization
03.08.2006 - Emil Čelustka

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Lotus Domino Web Access 7 gives users the power to create rich text messages, schedule meetings, manage tasks, and collaborate with colleagues, whether they are using their own workstation, an Internet kiosk, or another user's PC. Offline services for the security-rich e-mail, collaboration, and personal information management features of Domino Web Access allow a mobile workforce to maintain a high level of productivity by expanding access to key information and applications. This Redpaper will provide you with the guidance you need to determine where changes should be made in Domino Web Access to accomplish customizations relevant to your organizations needs.


Chapter 1. Introduction to Lotus Domino Web Access Customization
Chapter 2. Customization Scenario - ITSO Bank
Chapter 3. Customization Considerations
Chapter 4. Skin Customization Techniques
Chapter 5. Feature Customization Techniques
Chapter 6. Administrative Customizations
Appendix A. Additional Customization Tips
Appendix B. Sneak Preview - upcoming features
Appendix C. Additional material

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