Domino Designer 6: Příručka vývojáře
22.04.2003 - Emil Čelustka

Originální rešerše

In this IBM Redbook, we describe how to develop applications with IBM Lotus Domino Designer 6. With Domino Designer, you are able to create applications hosted by a Domino server. These applications can be used by different clients, such as Notes clients, Web browsers or mobile devices.

We introduce, and show in detail, how you can use all the design elements of Domino Designer, such as forms, pages, views, agents, outlines, resources and framesets. Readers who are familiar with developing applications using Release 5 of Lotus Domino may want to start at Chapter 12, which introduces the new features in Domino 6.0, and continue from there.

In the chapters toward the end of the book, we discuss the different programming languages, @functions, LotusScript, JavaScript, and Java, that can be used in Domino. We detail how to manipulate rich text objects by programming, as well as XML, in Domino.

This redbook was written for technical specialists, developers and programmers, customers, IBM Business Partners, and the IBM and Lotus community who need technical understanding of how to develop applications using IBM Lotus Domino Designer 6.0.


Chapter 1. What is Lotus Notes/Domino
Chapter 2. Lotus Domino Designer
Chapter 3. Domino Design elements: basics
Chapter 4. Domino Design elements: forms
Chapter 5. Domino Design elements: pages
Chapter 6. Domino Design elements: views, folders, and navigators
Chapter 7. Domino Design elements: agents
Chapter 8. Domino Design elements: framesets
Chapter 9. Domino Design elements: outlines
Chapter 10. Domino Design elements: shared resources
Chapter 11. Developing for multiple clients
Chapter 12. New features in Domino 6
Chapter 13. Securing your Domino application
Chapter 14. Programming for Domino 6
Chapter 15. Rich text programming
Chapter 16. XML
Chapter 17. Web services in Domino
Appendix A Domino and connectivity

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