Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook: Deployment and Migration Guide
15.09.2005 - Emil Čelustka

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This IBM Redbook discusses IBM LotusŸ DominoŸ Access for MicrosoftŸ Outlook, the software solution that allows Outlook client users to easily access mail and calendar data that is stored on Lotus Domino servers.

If you want to improve the reliability and scalability of your messaging infrastructure and to add collaboration, upgrading from Microsoft Exchange to IBM Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook (DAMO) provides the solution. With DAMO, you have reliable, scalable, and secure Lotus Domino Messaging to Microsoft Outlook users without requiring users to change from the Outlook client -- users simply work with mail, calendar, and task data on Lotus Domino instead of Microsoft Exchange. Familiar Microsoft Outlook features are supported, including rich text, folders and Directory Catalog. Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook also gives Microsoft Outlook users the additional benefits of Domino Messaging features, including full text search capability for their mailbox and native support for Internet standards (SMTP/MIME and HTML).


Part 1. Overview of DAMO
Chapter 1. Introduction to DAMO
Chapter 2. Features and functionality
Part 2. Architecture and deployment considerations
Chapter 3. Understanding the DAMO architecture
Chapter 4. Deployment approaches
Part 3. Migration and installation
Chapter 5. The Domino Migration Tool
Chapter 6. DAMO installation
Part 4. Instant messaging with DAMO
Chapter 7. Instant TeamMessenger for Microsoft Outlook
Part 5. Appendixes
Appendix A. Troubleshooting
Appendix B. Tips for performing a successful migration
Appendix C. Functionality comparison between Outlook with Exchange and DAMO

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