Domino 7 for Sun Solaris 10
11.05.2006 - Emil Čelustka

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Although the IBM Lotus Domino server is platform independent, each platform it runs on requires some additional platform-specific knowledge and configuration to ensure that it operates efficiently and at maximum capability.

This IBM Redbook explains how to run Domino 7 on the Sun Solaris 10 Operating Environment.

The primary focus is to explain the installation, configuration, and performance tuning of Domino 7 in this environment. We take you through all of the steps that are required to run a Domino 7 server on Solaris 10, from choosing the right hardware, installing Solaris and Domino, tuning the OS and the Domino server, security for the OS and Domino, and performing administrative tasks, through to problem determination and troubleshooting.


Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Lotus Domino 7 for Sun Solaris
Chapter 2. Introduction to Solaris 10
Chapter 3. Sizing guidelines for IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Server
Chapter 4. Solaris 10 installation, configuration, and considerations
Chapter 5. Installing Lotus Domino 7 on Sun Solaris 10
Chapter 6. Tuning and monitoring Domino servers on Solaris
Chapter 7. Clustering
Chapter 8. Partitioning
Chapter 9. IBM Lotus Domino administration
Chapter 10. Solaris 10 administration
Chapter 11. Security
Chapter 12. IBM Lotus Domino 7 Directory services
Chapter 13. Backup strategy for IBM Lotus Domino 7 on Solaris
Chapter 14. IBM Lotus Domino 7 as a Web server
Chapter 15. IBM Lotus Domino Web access
Chapter 16. Enterprise integration
Chapter 17. Diagnostics and troubleshooting
Appendix A. TCP/IP networking
Appendix B. Using System V shared memory
Appendix C. IBM Lotus Domino Server starting and shutting-down scripts
Appendix D. Removing a password from a server ID file
Appendix E. IBM Lotus Domino and syslog
Appendix F. IBM Lotus Domino IP resolve process
Appendix G. Moving to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7

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